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Research demonstrates that sustainable and impact wealth management strategies can perform as well or better than others. Sustainable and impact strategies may enable investors to address both market performance and social and environmental gain.

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Why Veris?

We offer a unique approach to wealth management. We enable you to achieve both your financial goals and your impact investing objectives.

  • We offer objective and unbiased wealth management that balances risk and reward according to your specific objectives.

  • Our clients benefit from our unmatched experience and network of investment solutions.

  • Our gender diverse team has a special emphasis on serving and empowering women investors.

  • Our commitment to authentic relationships and outstanding service is the reason our clients continue to refer friends and colleagues to us.

  • We are an independent, partner-owned firm.

Veris strives to provide the most up-to-date research in the field of impact investing

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November 2020: Veris Wealth Partners
2019-2020 Impact Report
It is with much gratitude that we share Veris Wealth Partners latest firm wide Impact Report. The report summarizes key developments around the world of ESG and impact investing.

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October 2020: Veris Wealth Partners
The Convergence of Regenerative Agriculture, Forestry and Climate Solutions
A quiet, interconnected revolution is remaking Agriculture, Forestry and Climate Change Solutions. These ideas are among the most transformative of the past 50 years. They are prompting a re-evaluation of long-standing business practices in agriculture and forestry, with the goal of more effective allocation of resources and protection of the environment.

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October 2018: Veris Wealth Partners
Gender Lens Investing: Bending the Arc of Finance for Women & Girls
Interest in Gender Lens Investing continues to grow significantly. In its latest report on Gender Lens Investing, Veris Wealth Partners examines the key developments of the past 12 months and highlights the investment providers who are meeting the growing investor demand.

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Veris works with individuals, families, and private foundations to align your wealth with your worldview. We’re a pioneering firm that can manage your wealth today and across generations.

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