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Veris is a financial advisory firm that applies sustainable and impact investing expertise across public and private markets to help foundations and families meet their financial and impact goals. Since 2007, Veris has been helping families and foundations align their investments with their mission and vision for the future.

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Why Veris?


  • Customized, Client-Centered Process: We tailor investment portfolios to clients’ financial and impact goals. 

  • Seasoned Professionals: The Veris Team collectively has decades of advisory and impact investing experience. 

  • Impact Across Asset Classes Since 2007: Veris has been building values- and mission-aligned portfolios since inception. 

  • Guided by Values & Vision: Veris is a values-driven, majority-women-led B Corp with DEI & Net Zero commitments.

  • Clear Communication & Education: We aim to offer jargon-free answers and custom educational support. 

  • Dedicated Service: We are a fiduciary and aim to meet our client’s needs with integrity and exemplary service.

Impact Reports and Research

We believe Veris’ research, impact reports, and investment frameworks have helped advance the impact investing industry. Through our leadership, we aim to help drive positive change across the financial services sector. 

Veris Wealth Partners annual impact report for 2023. Featuring highlights of the social and environmental impact of our clients' investments and shareholder activism. Also features the debut of our Climate Justice Investing Framework.

December 2023: Veris Wealth Partners
2023 Impact Report

Veris’ 2023 Impact Report shines a light on the environmental and social impact of our clients’ investments and our operations as a firm. This year’s report focuses on climate and environmental justice and launches the Veris Just Transition Investment Framework. 

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DEIB Report Cover

September 2023: Veris Wealth Partners
Investing in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Learn about the history of wealth inequality in the US and Veris’ multi-faceted, intersectional approach to investing in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). This report also covers Veris’ equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) due diligence framework.

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2022 Impact Report

November 2022: Veris Wealth Partners
2022 Impact Report
Our 2022 report demonstrates our investment themes in action while detailing the results of our work in shareholder activism, our efforts to dismantle obstacles to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within our firm and across our industry, and much more.

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Impact Report

December 2021: Veris Wealth Partners
2020-2021 Impact Report
In recognition of the pressing challenges, we face globally and emerging opportunities to create greater positive impact, the overarching theme of this year’s report is The Time is Now. The theme is also an acknowledgement that time is, as said by our CEO Stephanie Cohn Rupp in her introduction to the report, “the greatest scarcity of all.”

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September 2021: Veris Wealth Partners
Community Wealth Building Research Brief
In-depth research brief into the practice of making strategic investments in funds that help build wealth within communities that have been systematically excluded from economic success.

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November 2020: Veris Wealth Partners
2019-2020 Impact Report
It is with much gratitude that we share Veris Wealth Partners latest firm wide Impact Report. The report summarizes key developments around the world of ESG and impact investing.

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Veris works with individuals, families, foundations, and endowments to align investment portfolios with investors’ values and missions. 

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