2023 Impact Report

Veris’ annual Impact Report shines a light on the environmental and social impact of our clients’ investments and our operations as a firm.

Our 2023 Impact Report focuses on climate and environmental justice and launches the Veris Just Transition Investment Framework.

As a firm, we believe there is an urgent need to invest in climate interventions designed to address the needs of the people who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and environmental pollution.


Veris Wealth Partners annual impact report for 2023. Featuring highlights of the social and environmental impact of our clients' investments and shareholder activism. Also features the debut of our Climate Justice Investing Framework.
“We remain hopeful, determined in our work in close collaboration with our clients, and focused on our mission to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world through the medium of investing. We will not be deterred.”

Stephanie Cohn Rupp in her 2023 Impact Report CEO letter

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Report Highlights*

Read the 2023 Impact Report

* The metrics above are some of the impacts reported by Veris approved managers. Any portfolio company examples and results presented herein should not be construed as representative of all investments of the manager or fund in question. Certain information has been provided by the pertinent manager or portfolio company, and Veris has not independently verified such information. For additional important disclosures pertaining to the information contained herein, please Veris’ 2023 Impact Report.