By Anders Ferguson and Casey Verbeck

We hope you will take a few minutes to read our just-published 2018 Impact Report.

Download the 2018 Impact Report

Our Impact Report is the latest in a series of annual updates summarizing key developments around the world. The report is also an affirmation that the impact investing community is making good on its value proposition: To deliver market performance and positive social and environmental impact.

To our delight, the report reflects the passion and energy of our clients and the team at Veris. Each day, we’re emboldened and inspired by all of our clients, which in turn, motivates the team to reach higher and explore new ideas and solutions.

Many Highlights
This comprehensive, 28-page report offers insight about important developments in the field over the past year, including the following:

• A strategic assessment of where impact investing is headed
• Four macro trends that gained momentum in the past year
• Veris’s accomplishments in advancing impact investing
• A retrospective about transformative business over the past 50 years
• A scorecard quantifying the results of impact investing worldwide
• The positive impact of active ownership of public companies
• A snapshot of Veris’s five key investment themes
• An overview of our commitment to diversity and reducing our carbon footprint

This year’s report is the product of many hands starting with the partners of Veris, whose support for this annual project has been essential to its success.

Special recognition goes to our Research Group, whose analysis is another reason Veris is a recognized thought leader in the field. A heartfelt thanks goes to the team that did all of the hands-on hard work – Jessica Lowry, Nicole Davis, Garrett Markley, Luke Seidl, Richard Chen, Chris Baldwin, Greg Berardi, Susan Nagy, and Brian Kay. Together, this terrific team has produced another terrific report. Click here to download the report.

Anders Ferguson and Casey Verbeck are partners at Veris Wealth Partners.