On March 5th, Veris Wealth Partners and Criterion Institute hosted the webinar Women, Wealth and Impact: Investing with a Gender Lens. Increasingly individuals, families and foundations are exploring how to use their consumer dollars, philanthropy and now their investment portfolios to address gender inequality.  This webinar outlines several easy steps to shift your investments to support and empower women.

The program starts with Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute interviewing Patricia Farrar-Rivas, CEO of Veris Wealth Partners. Together they explore the webinar’s big take-away — moving beyond the ‘why’ and into the ‘how’ of investing to support women. This is followed by a short presentation and Q&A led by Luisamaria Ruiz Carlile and Alison Pyott, both Certified Financial Planners and Wealth Managers at Veris Wealth Partners based on their recently published thought piece Women, Wealth and Impact: Investing with a Gender Lens.  This paper explores the business case for gender lens investing, but more importantly provides tangible steps you can take to increase gender equality with your investment portfolio.

Watch the webinar

Presented by: Criterion Institute & Veris Wealth Partners