By Rebecca Orlowitz, Wealth Management Associate, and Luisamaria Carlile, Senior Wealth Manager

We at Veris wish you a hopeful and strong International Women’s Day.

In honor of this occasion, our Veris offices recognize three amazing organizations that are advancing women and girls. Their work highlights what’s possible with a local community organization, a well-known global entity and a business oriented organization.

Roseli_Oasis_group-1000pxlOasis For Girls

Oasis For Girls partners with girls and young women of color from under-resourced communities in San Francisco. The program helps them cultivate the skills, knowledge, and confidence to discover their dreams and build strong futures. Programs include Life Skills and Career Exploration to counter risk behaviors for girls vulnerable to drug and alcohol use, dropping out of school, or becoming ensnared in the juvenile justice system.

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UNICEF’s work to promote gender equality and empower women focuses on education. Keeping girls in school and avoiding early marriage or work is the single most effective policy for raising overall economic productivity. It is also key to lowering infant and maternal mortality, educating the next generation, improving nutrition and promoting health. With millions of child refugees around the world, it is more important than ever to support access to education — especially for girls. UNICEF-funded schools provide safety and a sense of normalcy for children to grow and learn. Mothers who have had some education are more than twice as likely to send their own children to school as are mothers with no education.

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Catalyst’s mission is to accelerate women’s workplace inclusion through research, tools and services, events, and recognition programs. Its work raises awareness of how inclusion benefits today’s global businesses, and provides guidance and solutions on how to enact real change.  Catalyst has more than 800 supporting organizations around the world including companies, firms, business schools, and associations that collectively employ millions of women. Their latest call to action is #DisruptTheDefault, encouraging companies and individuals to shake up the way we think, speak, and act, and pushing boldly for meaningful change in the workplace and world for women and men.

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Veris supports the spirit of International Women’s Day and is committed to the social and economic progress of women and girls. To learn how Veris is empowering women and girls both in the U.S. and abroad, click here to see our white papers about Gender Lens Investing.