Veris offers project consulting services on an entirely customized basis. We believe that, with the individually unique and collectively insightful experiences of our founding partners and staff, Veris is viewed as one of the industry’s most innovative leaders in achieving financial results while impacting social and environmental issues.


While our typical client relationships encompass a full range of integrated services, from strategic financial planning to ongoing portfolio management, we recognize the occasional need to apply our expertise in a more limited context. As a result, we offer many of our services on a more tactical basis. Examples include: conducting an independent assessment of an existing strategy or portfolio, working with clients or organizations to clarify their goals, and conducting a specific investment search. Please contact us to discuss your specific need or situation.

A consulting engagement we are particularly proud of is our work with the Evergreen Cooperatives Initiative in Cleveland, Ohio. Veris provided strategic, system development, and impact loan fund consulting to Evergreen and The Cleveland Foundation. This economic development project is an inspiring example of what is possible when local businesses and anchor institutions, foundations, elected officials, and community leaders work together in true partnership. The Evergreen Initiative has already received national attention. Many hope that it will soon become a model for how to create real pathways out of poverty for millions of low-income Americans, while restoring their dignity and rebuilding our local economies in the process. Click here to learn more about the Evergreen Initiative.