At Veris, we provide a full range of wealth management services to individuals, families, private foundations, and mission-driven organizations. Our services include strategic planning, portfolio management, and financial plan review and refinement. We routinely work with other professionals, as well as family offices, to coordinate the delivery of an even broader spectrum of financial services.  We are also able to engage with clients on a more tactical basis, to address a single wealth management need or apply our expertise to a specific challenge or opportunity that they may face. In addition to our private client work, we offer a rigorously vetted selection of financial products and resources to other advisors who have an interest in sustainable investment opportunities.  Please see below for more information about our services.


Individuals and Families

Veris provides comprehensive wealth management, including professional portfolio management, financial planning, philanthropic planning, insurance and annuity planning, and coordination with tax and estate planning advisors to ensure near-term cash needs are taken into account while planning for long-term goals.

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Foundations and Organizations

Veris provides an array of financial consulting services including investment policy development and review, investment manager search and recommendation, alternative investment search and recommendation, impact investment search and recommendation, portfolio evaluation and review, and budgeting and cash management to equip clients with the tools and industry perspective needed to successfully implement their mission-related investing strategy.

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Veris offers project consulting services on an entirely customized basis. We believe that, with the individually unique and collectively insightful experiences of our founding partners and staff, Veris is viewed as one of the industry’s most innovative leaders in achieving financial results while impacting social and environmental issues.

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