About Veris

Anders Faijersson Ferguson, Partner

Anders Ferguson is a founding principal of Veris Wealth Partners and leads the company’s strategic marketing and business development. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and financier building sustainable companies and nonprofits since 1978. Anders specializes in sustainable alternative assets, capital formation, and business strategy. Prior to Veris, Anders chaired Uplift Equity Partners, a firm specializing in sustainable private equity. He speaks frequently about sustainable leadership and investing.


Anders is a principal consultant to the Envestnet Sustainability Platform. Headquartered in Chicago, Envestnet Asset Management is a leading provider of innovative practice management and asset management solutions for independent financial advisors.

In 1999, Anders achieved an important personal milestone with the success of a consulting company he founded. Rather than rush quickly into a new venture, he took time off to contemplate a deeper application of his business skills to his personal passion for social responsibility. Anders went on retreat to a small rural village on the border of Tibet and China where he witnessed firsthand the environmental impacts of an ascending Chinese economy. Forests were stripped of trees, rivers were dammed for hydro-electric projects, and the air in major cities was growing visibly toxic. All the good works of the small and medium-sized sustainable companies he advised were no match for what was occurring on a global scale. Anders knew he needed to engage major, mainstream business leaders in the next phase of his life’s work. With this in mind, he co-convened an extraordinary conference and NGO that brought together Fortune 500 executives and the Dalai Lama to explore the intersection of leadership, spirituality, mindfulness, and business performance. It was the beginning of a journey that continues to this day.

Anders is a co-founder of the Dalai Lama FellowsChair of Friends of The Oberlin Project, Oberlin College, and co-founder of the Global Leaders Academy. He was an advisor to the Evergreen Cooperatives initiative in Cleveland, OH, and served as a director of the National Cooperative Business Association and Foundation for 12 years. Anders studied agriculture at Purdue University and graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in History and Environmental Studies. He lives with his family in Leyden, MA.