Sustainable Investment Strategies

Every day, we provide financial planning and management services to clients who want their portfolios to earn strong returns while driving positive social and environmental change. To do this, we employ a group of wealth management strategies that are rooted in rigorous financial analysis and that reflect our extensive experience with a broad range of sustainable investment approaches. Some of these strategies focus on high-impact opportunities. Some align investments with personal beliefs and convictions. And others carefully assess the extent to which global trends will likely influence the long-term value of an investment.


At Veris, we are deeply committed to helping our clients earn competitive investment returns while navigating the ever-expanding terrain of sustainable finance. We believe that considering a range of business, social, environmental, and economic factors that are not typically included in conventional financial analyses only strengthens investment decisions.

We live in a time when we can no longer ignore the links between global issues and individual choices. The issues we face today are unlike any we have ever encountered, in terms of their scale and complexity. But daunting challenges create tremendous possibilities. Helping our clients manage their individual and institutional wealth in a sustainable manner is our preferred response to what’s occurring in our modern world – a response that allows us to act with empathy, foresight, and integrity as we mobilize capital resources on behalf of new solutions.

Making good investments while making a positive difference in the world is not an especially new idea; there is something inherently gratifying about aligning one’s investments with one’s values or leveraging financial resources to earn a competitive return while driving social and environmental change. But recently these approaches have become increasingly popular, presenting investors with a wide range of opportunities. In addition, there is now a considerable body of financial data that dispels any remaining myths about sustainable investing.

Understanding the landscape of sustainable investing is Veris’ core expertise. Our work is to help our clients navigate the field. Below are the sustainable investment practices we use.