Asset allocation is the primary determinant of portfolio risk and return. Veris utilizes rigorous capital market analysis to determine the mix of stocks, bonds, cash, alternative investments, and real estate that will best deliver the income, growth, and impact you seek. We also consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability factors, which are long-term indicators of a company’s performance. Superior portfolio construction can be achieved by integrating traditional asset allocation modeling with sustainability.


Sustainable Investment Strategies

Every day, we provide financial planning and management services to clients who want their portfolios to earn strong returns while driving positive social and environmental change. To do this, we employ a group of wealth management strategies that are rooted in rigorous financial analysis and that reflect our extensive experience with a broad range of sustainable investment approaches. Some of these strategies focus on high-impact opportunities. Some align investments with personal beliefs and convictions. And others carefully assess the extent to which global trends will likely influence the long-term value of an investment.

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Impact Across All Asset Classes

Veris works with managers across all asset classes to create performance-driven investment strategies that align your wealth with your worldview.

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Investment Manager Selection

Veris utilizes a disciplined process to identify leading investment managers. These managers invest across all asset classes with a focus on delivering positive environmental and social impact.

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Veris’ core competency is identifying portfolio managers who successfully integrate both traditional financial and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into their investment process. Well-managed funds and strategies integrating ESG factors perform comparably to portfolios that do not integrate ESG factors. Veris performs ongoing due diligence on managers to continually ensure that clients are working with top-performing managers.

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Strong Investment Performance

Sustainable Investing not only promotes long-term societal gain, but also delivers investment performance. The chart below compares the MSCI KLD 400 Social Index to the S&P 500 Index. It is an example of how ESG-screened indexes have performed comparably to unscreened, broad market of stocks.

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