Impact Leadership Interview Series

In-Depth interviews with Impact leaders we admire. By sharing their journeys and areas of passion, we hope to provide inspiration for you!

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David Blood Impact InterviewDavid Blood on why Sustainability Equals Innovation and How Innovation Drives Success

March 2017

The opportunity exists today to advance sustainability and sustainable capitalism to improve the standard of living for people around the world and to distribute resources more thoughtfully and efficiently. This is critical to addressing the two key global challenges: Poverty and climate change as the two are inextricably linked.




Jesse Fink Impact InterviewJesse Fink on the Opportunity for Impact Investors in Reducing Food Waste

August 2016

Reducing food waste is a unique opportunity for impact investors to tackle three major societal challenges at the same time: hunger, economic development and the environment. When you tackle food waste, you address all three. That’s an unusual opportunity to make a difference.