The Veris Approach

The Advantage of Independence

To advise our clients most effectively, Veris maintains its independence from other financial institutions, asset managers, and funds. This ensures that our interests are aligned with our clients’. We are owner-managed and are not limited to a particular set of investment options. Each plan we create is custom tailored to the client’s needs, not ours. This is reflected in how we work – as consulting advisors who are committed to providing clients with the most objective guidance possible.


Over the years, the partners and staff of Veris have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of clients in a broad range of capacities. Based on our collective experience, we have come to believe that acting as an independent financial advisor is how we are of greatest service. The advantage of working in this capacity is two-fold. First, it ensures optimal alignment between our interests and the interests of our clients. And second, it allows us the flexibility and oversight we require to most effectively address our clients’ needs.

As independent advisors, we owe no allegiance to any institution, broker/dealer, asset manager, or financial product. We are owner managed and in no way limited to a particular set of investment options. Our role is solely to advocate for our clients and to help them navigate an ever growing world of sustainable investment possibilities. Our clarity of purpose mitigates the risk of conflicts of interest and protects the objectivity of our overall counsel, strategic plans, and performance evaluations.

In today’s complex global economy, it often takes a team of experts to manage all aspects of one’s financial affairs. Our ability to focus, orchestrate, and evaluate the work of a team of professionals is another advantage of our independent advisory role. As clients’ needs change or as their portfolios’ performance dictates, we are able to suggest the course corrections necessary in an effort to keep their long-term plans on track.