The Veris Approach

Authentic Client Relationships

Given that we think about the broader implications of our clients’ wealth, it’s imperative that we take the time to understand their goals more broadly as well. For this reason, we focus energy and attention on our client relationships. It’s what aids us in our pursuit of delivering the highly personalized service that discerning individuals, families, and foundations have come to expect from Veris.

What we choose to do with our financial resources speaks volumes to who we are and what we value. Our wealth can define a legacy. It can catalyze change. It can align our principles with a greater purpose. In the end, these choices are profoundly personal and are made within the often complex context of our family or organizational life. Therefore, to be of genuine value to our clients, we first cultivate a full-frame understanding of who they are. This is the deep work of building authentic, purposeful relationships that clarify for our clients how best to express their goals and values through their investment decisions. It’s a process that empowers, rather than sells: one that listens, rather than tells. We believe it is the heart and soul of our exceptional service.