The Veris Approach

At Veris, we aim to add value for our clients by taking a comprehensive approach to their wealth planning and management needs. We carefully consider their situation and help them balance the various challenges and opportunities associated with their financial resources. We understand and incorporate income and estate tax considerations and we collaborate closely with other advisors.

Investing With Impact

Performance-Driven Investing That Aligns Your Wealth With Your Worldview

Veris believes that superior investment performance and creating positive impact are complementary parts of a holistic investment strategy. Our work is grounded in research showing that investing in companies committed to sustainable business practices creates the opportunity to deliver superior investment results. By combining traditional and sustainable investment strategies, we aim to achieve each investor’s financial and personal goals. The power of investing with impact is that it aligns your wealth and your worldview.

Sustainable Investment Strategies

Every day, we provide financial planning and management services to clients who want their portfolios to earn strong returns while driving positive social and environmental change. To do this, we employ a group of wealth management strategies that are rooted in rigorous financial analysis and that reflect our extensive experience with a broad range of sustainable investment approaches. Some of these strategies focus on high-impact opportunities. Some align investments with personal beliefs and convictions. And others carefully assess the extent to which global trends will likely influence the long-term value of an investment.

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The Advantage of Independence

To advise our clients most effectively, Veris maintains its independence from other financial institutions, asset managers, and funds. This ensures that our interests are aligned with our clients’. We are owner-managed and are not limited to a particular set of investment options. Each plan we create is custom tailored to the client’s needs, not ours. This is reflected in how we work – as consulting advisors who are committed to providing clients with the most objective guidance possible.

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Authentic Client Relationships

Given that we think about the broader implications of our clients’ wealth, it’s imperative that we take the time to understand their goals more broadly as well. For this reason, we focus energy and attention on our client relationships. It’s what aids us in our pursuit of delivering the highly personalized service that discerning individuals, families, and foundations have come to expect from Veris.

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Why Veris

We believe that clients choose Veris Wealth Partners because of its unmatched experience, expertise, and passion for building portfolios that seek to deliver performance and social benefit.

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