About Veris

Our Values

We founded Veris to put capital to work with purpose while delivering superior investment performance.


Integrity & Independence. We founded Veris to provide exceptional service based in trust, integrity and independence. We strive to deliver exemplary performance aligned with
 your interests.

Global Sustainability & Macroeconomics. As stewards of our clients’ wealth, we encourage investments and philanthropy that contribute to a more sustainable, stable and equitable world economy.

Growth & Expansion. We seek to grow your investments through innovative investment solutions, enlightened management and superior long-term financial results.

Human Rights & Equality. Our investment philosophy reflects our belief in the power of ethical economic decisions to advance human rights and equality in our communities and around the world.

Diversity. We lead with our conviction that diversity significantly increases our creativity, wisdom and learning; supporting our ability to deliver exemplary services to our clients and communities.

Synergy. Seamless teamwork and collaboration with our clients, partners and colleagues assure that our collective achievements can far surpass individual efforts.

Human Potential & Insight. Because personal development is the core of well-being and sustainability, we are committed to growing our collective social and intellectual capital for the benefit of all.

Unity & Efficiency. We create and maintain honest and meaningful agreements with our employees, clients, and business partners to achieve high levels of loyalty and to follow industry best practices.